ETS Authorized

TOEFL Test Center
at Harvard Square

2017 TOEFL Schedule

April 21, Friday / 29, Saturday

May 20, Saturday

June 09, Friday / 24, Saturday

July 08, Saturday / 29, Saturday

August 12, Saturday / 26, Saturday 

September 16, Saturday / 29, Friday

October 14, Saturday / 28, Friday

November 4, Saturday / 17, Friday

December 8, Friday / 15, Saturday

Please call us at 617-492-2722 for the test center information.


JFK Street


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more than 100 tests given

Student Service: TOEFL Registration

We help our students to register for the iBT TOEFL test in our center as a part of the student service.

Please note the following regulations:

  1. This service is only provided to the registered students in TAHS English Institute.
  2. We do not pay for the TOEFL test. This service is limited to reserve the seat in our TOEFL test center.
  3. In order to reserve a seat for a specific date, you should notify us at least 2 weeks before the test date.
  4. TAHS English Institute does not take any responsibility on other issues; including provision of incorrect information, receiving the score report, etc.